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Nominate an Athlete or Coach
Thank you for considering making a nomination. Without a nomination by you or the committee, a former athlete or coach cannot be considered for the Hall.

You may nominate an athlete/coach by clicking on the appropriate link below: Things to remember:
  • To be eligible for nomination, an athlete must be out of school seven (7) years. Coaches can be considered five (5) years after completion of their employment as a head coach
  • Most former athletes and coaches are honored to just be considered for the Hall of Fame
  • You only need to nominate someone one time. Once you have made a nomination, that nomination will remain on record and will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee annually
  • A nomination does not guarantee that a former athlete/coach will be inducted.
  • It is also important to note that it may be several years before the selected nominees will be inducted. There are many people under consideration for the Hall. Also, to give each inductee the honor and recognition they deserve, the number of people inducted each year is kept to a low number
  • If you have questions about this form, or about the nomination process, please email Steve.

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