Marysville High School Athletic Hall of Fame
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Induction Class of 1998
Jim Burson
Jim Burson
(Class of 1959)
Bill Coder
Bill Coder
(Class of 1952)
James Hoffman
James “Bud” Hoffman
(Class of 1951)
G.L. Kingsmore
G.L. “Jerry” Kingsmore
Christine Nichols
Christine Nichols (Allwine)
(Class of 1987)
Edward Nicol
Edward Nicol
(Class of 1956)
Pauline Widner
Pauline “Polly” Widner
Warren Widner
Warren Widner
Charles Wilcox
Charles “Freck” Wilcox
(Class of 1929)
Induction Class of 1999
Jack Mackan
Jack Mackan
(Class of 1966)
Chadd McGlone
Chadd McGlone
(Class of 1985)
Robert McMahon
Robert McMahon
(Class of 1933)
Michelle Stillings
Michelle Stillings (Kaffenbarger)
(Class of 1985)
Paul Wenzel
Paul Wenzel
Induction Class of 2000
Rodney Knox
Rodney Knox
(Class of 1973)
Gary Shirk
Gary Shirk
(Class of 1968)
Mary Shirk
Mary Shirk
(Class of 1975)
Warren Trees
Warren Trees
(Class of 1981)
Induction Class of 2001
Larry Coder
Larry Coder
(Class of 1955)
Frank Diehl
Frank Diehl
Luke Wimmers
Luke Wimmers
(Class of 1993)
Induction Class of 2002
Daniel Hays
Daniel Hays
(Class of 1979)
Carol Koltenbah
Carol Koltenbah
(Class of 1972)
Amy Wolford
Amy Wolford
(Class of 1993)
Induction Class of 2003
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson
(Class of 1964)
Bob Patterson
Bob Patterson
(Class of 1950)
Induction Class of 2004
Tom Edgar
Tom Edgar
Induction Class of 2005
Chris Allen
Chris Allen
(Class of 1984)
Jackie Conrad
Jackie Conrad
(Class of 1996)
Charles McCracken
Charles McCracken
(Class of 1951)
Induction Class of 2006
Paul Devine
Paul Devine
(Class of 1942)
Wayne Honaker
Wayne Honaker
Jennifer Segner
Jennifer Segner
(Class of 1996)
Andy Starling
Andy Starling
(Class of 1989)
Induction Class of 2007
Ron Fox
Ron Fox
(Class of 1958)
Pam Gould
Pam Gould
(Class of 1988)
Norb Miscovich
Norb Miscovich
Induction Class of 2008
Larry Fox
Larry “Foxy” Fox
Steve Gangluff
Steve Gangluff
(Class of 1993)
Angie Lala
Angie Lala
(Class of 1994)
Induction Class of 2009
Bob Finch
Bob Finch
(Class of 1944)
Jon Neely
Jon Neely
(Class of 1987)
Ben Rings
Ben Rings
(Class of 2000)
Induction Class of 2010
John Evans
John Evans
(Class of 1951)
Induction Class of 2011
Bryian Burson
Bryian Burson
(Class of 1991)
Morgan Cotter
Morgan Cotter
(Class of 1995)
Jim Kaufman
Jim Kaufman
Induction Class of 2012
Kenny Chaffin
Kenny Chaffin
(Class of 1998)
Angela Gibson
Angela Gibson
(Class of 2001)
Induction Class of 2013
Holly Niederkohr
Holly Niederkohr
(Class of 2005)
Carly Truitt
Carly Truitt
(Class of 2003)
Induction Class of 2014
Lee Simpson
Lee Simpson
(Class of 1957)
Rich Weiskircher
Rich Weiskircher
Induction Class of 2015
Larry Nickle
Larry Nickle
(Class of 1977)
Tom Rausch
Tom Rausch
(Class of 1968)
Induction Class of 2016
Lenard Andrews
Lenard Andrews
Jerry Collette
Jerry Collette
Induction Class of 2017
Dave Boyd
Dave Boyd
(Class of 1977)
Dawn Cook
Dawn Cook
(Class of 1982)
Harold Hill
Harold “Curly” Hill
(Class of 1943)
Induction Class of 2018
Chase Blackburn
Chase Blackburn
(Class of 2001)
Karen Hyland
Karen Hyland
(Class of 1982)
Keith Slone
Keith Slone
(Class of 2004)
Induction Class of 2019
Jason Heard
Jason Heard
(Class of 1992)
Shae Weiskircher
Shae Weiskircher Sakach
(Class of 1995)
Bob Williams
Bob Williams
Induction Class of 2020
Mike Adkins
Mike Adkins
(Class of 1997)
Allen Bump
Allen Bump
(Class of 1929)
Ron Sabins
Ron Sabins
(Football Statistician)
Ed Starling
Ed Starling
Induction Class of 2021
Ashlee Cullman
Ashlee Cullman
(Class of 2007)
Josh Palivoda
Josh Palivoda
(Class of 2007)
Don Viers
Don Viers
(Class of 1973)
Induction Class of 2022
Noah Forrider
Noah Forrider
(Class of 2013)
Kate Francisco
Kate Francisco
(Class of 2010)
Rex Kelley
Rex Kelley
(Class of 1993)
Induction Class of 2023
Cal Adams
Cal Adams
(Coach) (Athletic Director)
Tony Blumenschein
Tony Blumenschein
(Class of 1980)
Wes Heckler
Wes Heckler
(Class of 1998)
Jodie Hyland
Jodie Hyland Agan
(Class of 1988)

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